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Eureka- Atom 65

Eureka- Atom 65

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The Eureka Atom 65 remains one of the quietest all-purpose home espresso grinders out there with its sleek sound-insulated casing. With speed and consistency on par with any commercial grinder, it’s perfect for the home barista trying to rival the espresso from their favorite café.

Enjoy balanced espresso and flavorful coffee every time with the Eureka- Atom 65 grinder. Featuring all-purpose grinding for a range of textures, this grinder makes it easy to create your favorite cup of delicious espresso. With optimal results every time, this grinder is sure to provide the perfect grind for every taste. Brew with confidence!

Key features
  • 65mm flat burrs in hardened steel
  • Stepless micrometric adjustment
  • Programmable Dosing
  • Near Silent Grinding
  • ACE System: Eureka's anti-clumping and anti-static system prevents buildup and ensure your coffee grounds remain fluffy

Best For:

  • Espresso


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